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Lyell-3 - Smilizard by Tapejara Lyell-3 - Smilizard by Tapejara
Though their grin may make some people feel uneasy, Smilizards grow about as big as a gecko on Earth and only Lyell-3's insects should fear them. Normally solitary, these slow moving cold blooded aliens slugglishly crawl through the forest sneaking up on insects which they catch with their teeth using sudden bursts of speed. They are most commonly found in the garden layer of the forest close to insect hives eating at their leisure.

Smilizards will sometimes be found in pairs but those sightings are brief moments of courtship followed by mating and "divorce". After mating, both partners go their seperate ways and will likely never see each other again. The female climbs up to the upper layers of the forests where she will raise her young. Because the upper layer is colder, Smilizards become less energetic and would normally be helpless against predators such as Devil Dogs, but such super predators are not found at that altitude.

Once the hatchlings are able to move freely, Smilizards will guide them back to the garden layer where found is more abundant. If the family is threatened by a predator, the mother will viciously swing her spiked tail and head around to defend her young hiding under her belly. But the mother of the year award will rarely be awarded to these cowardly critters. For very persistent or larger predators, the Smilizard will dash away from danger and climb up a tree to hide. The young are left behind as tributes to the predator.

"I didn't want to redraw this alien with a Stegosaur-like thagomizer, but I already have in a previous artwork so I had to live with my decision. The inspiration behind this creature was a combination of Petland's geckos, the thorny devil, bats, the Stegosaurus and Aurelia's Gulphog. In recent days, this creature started to remind me of Smile Dog, but I didn't know it existed until last year."

:bulletblack: Females usually lay two eggs.
:bulletblack: Even the ears of this alien are armored.
:bulletblack: The name is a combination of smile and lizard.
:bulletblack: Although Smilizards grow on average as big as geckos, some sightings suggests they can grow as big as Earth's iguanas.
:bulletblack: The vocal sacs of the Smilizard are located on its back, which is rarely seen in Lyell-3's lifeforms.

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July 16, 2015
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